Managing the Work-Life Balance

work-life balanceOne of the biggest challenges to mums everywhere is managing the work-life balance.

Our busy lifestyles often mean that the stress and tension of everyday life takes its greatest toll on our most intimate relationships.

Just when we need to work together as a supportive team, instead we find ourselves fighting and bickering rather than rallying together to emotionally support each other and take productive steps to address life’s demands.

Signs of Relationship Stress

Do you feel like you and/or your partner:

  • Take the stress of life out on each other?
  • ‘Snap’ and bicker more than you would like to, or is helpful?
  • Undermine (intentionally or otherwise) each other’s efforts to problem solve or address life’s challenges?
  • Are working ‘at cross purposes’ and not on the same page?
  • Undervalue or criticize each other’s contribution, approach, opinion, or perspective?
  • Have trouble productively addressing conflict?
  • Have stopped listening to each other?
  • Have a work / life balance that is ‘out of whack’?
  • No longer make time for fun and life’s enjoyment?
  • Want the same things but just can’t manage to work together as a team in the pursuit of your goals?

Managing the competing and conflicting demands of our working lives and our family lives is a difficult balancing act. We all, in today’s world, wear many different hats which serve to simultaneously both enrich and complicate our lives:

  • Employee, manager, business owner
  • Wife, husband
  • Father, mother
  • Daughter, son
  • Grandparent
  • Friend etc.

Finding enough energy and time to be able to fulfil our many roles, meet the constant stream of financial, logistical, and emotional challenges, look after our own health  as well as nurture our relationships is fraught with challenge, tension and necessary compromise.

Restoring Work-Life Balance

Seeking the support and guidance of a psychologist may be useful in helping you to restore the balance you are looking for in your life and relationship.

A psychologist can help you with:

  • Clarifying your relationship and life goals;
  • Taking time to adjust patterns of communication;
  • Developing emotionally supportive practices;
  • Acknowledging and utilising your strengths;
  • Devising better working models and processes to maximize your individual efforts and minimize relationship stress;
  • Clarifying the nature and scope of your respective various life and professional roles;
  • Problem solving;
  • Managing and/or resolving competing demands;
  • Developing a greater emotional resilience and acceptance of any logistical, physical and emotional limitations imposed on you or your relationship.

Psychologist Ainsley SalsburyAuthor:
Ainsley Salsbury, BA (Psych),  PG Dip App Psych, BBus (HRM).

Ainsley Salsbury has a breadth and depth of experience in addressing a range of psychological issues including interpersonal conflict, team work, couples therapy, and life and business coaching. Her work is enriched by her largely Cognitive-Behavioural therapeutic orientation, extensive insight into Interpersonal Dynamics and Behaviours, knowledge and application of a wide variety of team performance models, and a fierce commitment to achieving practical outcomes for her clients.

She is also married happily and Mum to two very busy, small children.

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