Do Men get PND?

It may sound silly, but the truth is up to 10% of men DO get post natal depression when their partner has a baby!

Although a man may not experience all the hormonal changes that his partner, the new mother, does, there are plenty of other changes going on.

PND in men can start even before the baby is born, as he grows increasingly anxious about his impending fatherhood, and his ability to support and raise a child.

Although men may get PND as a consequence of their partner’s depression (like “sympathy pains”!), men can also experience depression even if their partner is not depressed.

Our psychologists are experts in relationship counselling, and have worked with many couples who are struggling to cope following the birth of a baby. If you and your partner are finding life and your relationship more of a challenge than usual at this time, it’s possible that one or both of you is suffering from PND.

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